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1. Terms of Use

These Terms of use are applicable to the use of this site (by you) (URL) and all the services provided by the Markcom Solutions Pvt Ltd (“Company”) including all the software and application, use of the site will constitute your acceptance.

To use the site and services provided therein, you shall be eligible as per the company requirement. In order to avail the services of this site, you agree to create a user account as required by the company, while creating an account, you must provide accurate and complete information, further account shall be protected by the user through strong password, any activity done through user account shall be sole responsibility of the user. One account shall be used only by one user, sharing of account is strictly prohibited. User registration and availing of any service provides you with access to the part of the site, such access includes a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to access the site and personal dashboard. Company may issue user guidelines on a periodic interval as per the applicable law for the correct use of the site, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with such guidelines.

2. Acceptable use

Company believes in the promotion of event & entertainment products and creative freedom and is committed to ensure the quality of content available on the site, in order to enhance the user experience, company prohibit user to share anything on their dashboard that: Contains illegal content or promotes any illegal activity explicitly or contains third party links, which deals with the illegal content or activity. Contains content that infringes any copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or other intellectual property rights. Contains racist or otherwise extremely offensive content, including content that aggravates, harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses any individual or group. Contains binary files or executable code. Contains any content, software, link that is malicious or warez to condone, threaten or hack the site or any service that is provided therein.

3. You are not allowed to

We do not claim ownership on the contents you may upload or otherwise use in connection with the Site or Services. However, to ensure that we can provide you with the Services or access to the Site, you grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license under all your intellectual property rights to use, reproduce, distribute, communicate and public perform or display (including, among others, the rights to broadcast and transmit), transform and modify, and/or adapt your contents in connection with the operation of the Site and/or the Services. You represent and warrant that you have the rights necessary to grant the license hereunder, and that your contents do not infringe the law or third party rights or interests. Please note that by submitting content (photos or videos) into the platform, said contents are made publicly available to third parties. Please evaluate whether you want to share said content under those conditions before submitting them as part of the Services.

4. Fees and Payment

You accept to pay for the company services, in accordance with the fees structure and further undertake to have read and agreed to the terms & conditions as prompted before using the payment gateway to make payments towards the services provided therein. We reserve the right to use third party payment providers to receive payments from our users. We shall not be responsible for their policy, delays, errors or erroneous transactions or cancellation of payments made towards the orders.

5. Intellectual Property

All the information and content available on the Site including but not limited to the trademarks, logos, copyrights subsisting in its content along with any and all intellectual property used in connection with it is the property of the Site or its affiliates. No license of any such intellectual property rights is granted to User as a result of use of the Site or service provided therein. Any infringement of intellectual property would attract civil action.

6.Termination of Account

Company may terminate any user account, with or without prior notice, if the you are found guilty of violating the terms of use, any applicable law, rules, and regulations. In the case of such termination no refund shall be made.

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